What is Bankruptcy?

While most people have heard about bankruptcy in one context or another, many people do not know precisely what bankruptcy is and how they might benefit from it.

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that allows a person to eliminate all, or a portion of their debt. It is a long established legal right of people to file bankruptcy as long as they qualify.  Filing bankruptcy gives a person immediate protection under the federal bankruptcy laws and prohibits creditors from taking any further collection activity against them. Once the bankruptcy case is completed and a discharge has been ordered, a debtor is no longer obligated to pay any of the debts that were discharged in the bankruptcy case.

The Federal Bankruptcy Code consists of several chapters. Most cases are filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

At Monterey Peninsula Bankruptcy we help people explore their options in resolving their debt issues and/or preventing foreclosure or repossessions. Sometimes bankruptcy is not the solution so we do not push people into bankruptcy unless there are no other reasonable options - we will explore those options during your free consultation with an experienced Monterey bankruptcy attorney.

What Can Bankruptcy Do for Me? It can...


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