Salinas Credit Card Debt Relief

Get Rid of Crippling Credit Card Debt 

Most adults living in America have some credit card debt. The total revolving debt in the U.S. is $793.1 billion (as of May 2011 data, as listed in the Federal Reserve’s July 2011 report on consumer credit). The estimated number of households carrying credit card debt is 50.2 million. This means the average amount of debt carried by each American household is $15,799.

So you are not alone if you’re struggling with credit card debt. And despite recent attempts to enforce tighter regulations, credit cards companies still make it extremely difficult for consumers to get out of debt. Frequently, people find their credit card debt spiraling out of control because of interest rate increases and late fees. This, coupled with job loss and unexpected expenses for which they do not have the means to pay, people are struggling to keep financially afloat.

Many people on the central coast including those in San Benito County are struggling to make ends meet. Bankruptcy can help you get the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.  While you might think your credit will be ruined if you file bankruptcy, this is not true. Yes, the bankruptcy is listed on your credit report for up to 10 years but your “FICO” score can get up into the 700’s within 2 years of the case closing. So don’t let your future credit standing get in the way of you getting a real fresh start. Credit Card debt can be crippling. It creates a lot of stress  which can cause health problems – both physical and emotional.

Bankruptcy can rid you of this burden and stress. By filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy a person can eliminate all or most of their credit card debt and get a fresh start.

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