Bankruptcy Fees 

Understandably, one of the first things a person in need of debt relief wants to know is how much will bankruptcy cost.  Attorney fees will vary. In other words, the answer is the classic attorney answer of “it depends”. And it really does depend.  There are several different chapters of bankruptcy an individual, a married couple, or business can file – Chapter 7, 13, or 11. Chapter 7 and 13 are the most commonly filed bankruptcy chapters. And each case will depend on the circumstances of the debtor. Our firm realizes how difficult it is to come up with the fees to pay an attorney so we try to be as flexible as possible and look at each person’s case with that in mind.

For Chapter 7 cases, the fees will depend on whether or not the case is considered a “no asset case” or an “asset” case and other factors that make a case more or less difficult (law suits, wage garnishments, divorce, types of debt, etc.). Most Chapter 7 cases are “no asset” cases which means that all the personal or real property of a debtor is “exempt” from the bankruptcy case (kept outside) and therefore nothing is taken away and sold off to pay creditors. With that said, a person who files bankruptcy (also called a “debtor”) is required to list all of their assets and all of their debts on the bankruptcy documents filed with the court.

Fees for Chapter 13 cases are, for the most part, determined by the Court so a person will generally not find a wide range in fees among different attorneys if they file Chapter 13. What a person should be looking for is an attorney who they fill comfortable with and can trust. A big advantage of Chapter 13 is that most, if not all, the attorney fees are paid through the 3-5 year payment plan so you’ll likely not need to come up with a large up-front payment.

In addition to attorney fees, a person will have to pay court filing fees as follows:

Court filing fees for Chapter 7 are: $335

Court filing fee for Chapter 13 are: $310

It’s important to realize that paying a qualified attorney to help you to file bankruptcy is a very worthwhile investment in your financial future.    Call us today! (831) 224-3199.