Stop Creditor LawsuitsStop Creditor Lawsuits

Creditor harassment has become increasingly extreme as more people have fallen behind on their payments. The only real power a creditor or collection agency has is the power to file a lawsuit against you. They cannot have you arrested and unsecured creditors cannot take your car or foreclose on your home. However, the threat of a lawsuit is real. When the threats turn into actual lawsuits, you know that you need to take action.

Is There a Defense Against Creditor Lawsuits?

Most creditor lawsuits are meritorious. In other words, they have a reason to sue you. You have fallen behind in your bills. Even if you feel that your creditors should be more understanding of your situation and more flexible on payment options, they generally do not care as much as you would like. That does not mean that you are without options. You have an opportunity to stop any creditor lawsuit through bankruptcy.

How Does Bankruptcy Stop a Lawsuit?

One of the most important aspects of the bankruptcy process is the automatic stay, which forces creditors to halt all actions against you. That includes lawsuits at any stage of the process. We will get you the full benefit of this important aspect of the bankruptcy process by stopping lawsuits against you immediately.

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